Gluten Free Delicacies
Gluten free (GF) delicacies within the baking industry have long been a rare find. 
But recent years indicate key growth opportunities for emerging GF baked good brands in line with the "Free from" retail industry and large batches (baking pun) of consumers showing an inclination toward gluten-free consumption irrespective of medical, or personal reasons.

Delica.Free - stands as an advocate for the exciting possibilities within the developing industry. A true legend in the baking (baking pun). Its products will be aimed towards sustainably conscious millennials searching for new and fun ways to satisfy their food-based intolerances or personal preference.​​​​​​​
Delica.Free promises to deliver high quality with regard product, design, ethical consideration and FUN! To foster a community of 'Gluties' gathered around a mission of making positive progressive leaps within the industry. 
We work within the wider community, alongside local businesses and charities to deliver our social value.