How, in the future, will colour be taught and experienced in light of globalisation and the blending of languages and cultures? 
A publishing house founded by Izzy Cockram, Sih-Ming Lai and Sophie Lowe.
Producing all-ages books and games to teach about colour in cross-cultural contexts. Looking towards a globalised future, our aim is to educate on the subjectivity of colours as they are defined, experienced and incorporated into our lives.
To round out the Colour Futures Kit I created a card collecting game that the whole family can enjoy. In the spirit of learning through play, this game explores the different meanings and associations around the world.
As players collect sets of cards representing eight different colours, they also collect the diverse meanings that those colours can take on in different countries.
Packaging for the card game was also created.  Printed on G.F.Smith 350gsm 
Instagram Account: @mixito_press

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