Gluten Free Bakery
 This brand identity design project serves as part of a one-day-rebrand series; inspired by a visit to a local gluten-free bakery in Atlanta, GA. 
The core concept behind this brand is rooted in the belief that EVERYONE DESERVES THE CHANCE TO INDULGE, regardless of their dietary restrictions. I wanted to capture the essence of indulgence and evoke the childlike wonder and excitement associated with indulging in a sweet treat.
One of the primary challenges I identified was the LACK OF A UNIFIED BRAND IDENTITY for Hell Yeah Gluten Free. The brand had multiple logos with varying tones of voice, inconsistent typography, and no cohesive visual language. To address this, I embarked on a mission to create a brand identity that would reflect the bakery's essence.
First and foremost, I focused on designing a logo that would encompass the brand's values. The logo needed to be clean, modern, fun, bold, and, most importantly, evoke a sense of baking. It had to communicate the joy of indulgence that Hell Yeah Gluten Free aims to provide.
In addition to the logo, I developed a vibrant and eye-catching brand colour palette. These colours were carefully selected to evoke a sense of excitement and playfulness while aligning with the bakery's mission. The visual language I created revolved around the concept of sprinkles, which symbolise adding joy, decorations, and a touch of indulgence. These visual assets brought the brand identity to life, capturing the spirit of Hell Yeah Gluten Free in a visually appealing manner.

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